Software changelog

Check out what's new, even better or just fixed in the Phoscon App and deCONZ.

Beetlejuice ⋅ v2.5.71


Phoscon App

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Noodle soup ⋅ v2.5.70


Phoscon App

Samsung devices are now shown with respective icons. Samsung SmartThings graphics

Xiaomi Aqara Cube drop gesture added to Switch Editor. Xiaomi Cube drop gesture

Under the hood

Known issues

The commit 7699c9 introduced a bug which can lead to a restarting loop of deCONZ. If you're affected by this, please wait until version 2.05.71 gets released. The bug is fixed in commit 048180.

Kniffel ⋅ v2.5.69


Phoscon App

Raspberry Pi 4B

Xiaomi Magic Cube in Switch Editor

The magic of the Cube has entered the Phoscon App Switch Editor.

Xiaomi Cube Switch Editor 01

All gestures, like shake and rotate, can be assigned to actions similar as it works with regular switches.

Xiaomi Cube Switch Editor 02

A fully configured Cube is a powerful yet easy to use remote control for adults and kids. The focus on gestures was chosen so it doesn't matter on which side the Cube is laying.

Xiaomi Cube Switch Editor 03

Under the hood

Jackenteer ⋅ v2.5.67


Phoscon App

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