Product photo of Phoscon Hive, a portable ambient light

Portable ambient light

Product photo of Phoscon ConBee II, the universal Zigbee USB-Gateway

Universal Zigbee USB-Gateway

Product photo of Phoscon Kobold, a dimmer switch

Smart dimmer switch

Product photo of Phoscon RaspBee II, the universal Zigbee Gateway for Raspberry Pi

Universal Raspberry Pi Zigbee Gateway

Our products

We offer cross-manufacturer smart home control via the Zigbee radio standard. This enables you to conveniently manage lights, switches, sensors, and other devices in your home through an app.

Our software

With our software, you can create lighting scenes, set schedules, and customize lighting moods to suit your needs. Thanks to integration with other smart home devices and services, such as voice control, controlling your lighting is even easier and more flexible.